Complex Installations in the Energy Infrastructure

We boast experience in building, project management and ensuring preventive and corrective maintenance for complex installation projects, such as:

  • Natural Gas Compressor Stations
  • Rehabilitation of Oil Refineries
  • Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities
  • TEG Natural Gas Dehydration Plants
  • Natural Gas Desulphurisation Units

In the last 30 years we have performed a series of large-scale works, relevant national or regional premieres in the field of Complex Energy Infrastructure Installations.

We achieve all our Energy Infrastructure Installations’ projects in the most economically and efficient way, being at the same time in line with the latest technologies worldwide, through sustained work and innovation related aims.

Romgaz, Transgaz, OMV Petrom, Unilever, Engie / Gaz de France, Lukoil, e.ON, Bulgartransgaz, Conpet, Falco, Swisspor are part of the representative customers of INSPET S.A. in recurring or punctual projects of high complexity.

“Excellence in the execution of Complex Installations in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry to ensure the energy security of the European Union.”

Achievement of the two Twin Natural Gas Compression Stations in Onești and Gherăești, which involved the pipeline automation and security within the project “SNT Development in North-East Romania for the natural gas supply in the region and for the transport capacity provision towards the Republic of Moldova ”.

The compression stations STC PODIȘOR, STC BIBEȘTI and STC JUPA within the project “The Development of the Romanian Gas Transmission System along Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria Route” (BRUA) are part of the latest projects carried out as an Association Leader and / or Main Contractor in the period 2018-2020 and is another example of the experience and professionalism of INSPET S.A., contributing to the largest investment project to date of the Romanian Natural Gas Industry (which allowed to increase Romania’s gas export capacity to Hungary by up to 1.75 billion cubic meters per year and to Bulgaria by up to 1.50 billion cubic meters per year).

Between 2009 and 2016 we built another 6 compression stations for the transport of Natural Gas on main pipelines to various destinations in the country and between 1998 and 2005 we participated in the rehabilitation and modernization of 24 crude oil pumping stations on main pipelines, in one of the largest projects in the National Oil Industry (that was granted funding by the World Bank)