Cutting Edge Complex Projects – Installations in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry

INSPET S.A. is an Integrator of Energy Infrastructure (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning), with experience in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry. The company is one of the Leaders of the Romanian market for construction of pipelines, drying and compression stations, also having a relevant activity in the sector of maintenance and rehabilitation of chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as other specialized constructions.

Depending on the typology of the contracted projects, INSPET S.A. has experience in both the position of General Contractor and Main Constructor of Energy Infrastructure projects or civil construction works.

During our 30 years of activity we have realized over 300 large-scale projects, real premieres at national or regional level, reference projects for the Romanian Oil and Gas Industry, being of strategic importance for the security of the national and European Energy System.

The success of the efficient management of all projects carried out for our beneficiaries, both in Romania and abroad, is supported by:

  • 7 decades of experience in the Romanian specialized industry
  • 30 years of experience as an independent private company with 100% Romanian Shareholders.
  • 1st place in Top National Construction Companies of Utility Projects for Fluids (for 13 years)
  • Own Industrial Platform, machinery/equipment fleet and multi-disciplinary teams (over 300 employees)
  • Achievement of projects to the highest quality standards and provision of a performance guarantee for works
  • Integrated Management System “quality – environment – health – work safety”, which ensures the execution of all projects at a level of excellence, coherence and cohesion between the company’s activities.

As a General Contractor / Association Leader we are an active part in ensuring the project management and we represent the interface between all the involved parties, namely the final beneficiary versus all associates, contractors, suppliers, specialized subcontractors and work teams. We thus ensure an excellent communication, coordination and organization of all activities.

Overall, our role begins with the basic and detailed design phase of the works, the procurement and delivery of the required materials, machinery and equipment, the provision of human resources, the organization of sites and the daily coordination of works, the testing and the commissioning, but not limited to those. Depending on the specifics of the contract, the following may be among the important activities included in the General Contractor service:

  • detailed planning of all stages of project implementation (from obtaining the necessary permits, estimating expenses and costs with the necessary materials and equipment / human resources and to the final delivery of the construction / facilities);
  • planning and coordinating the delivery stages of materials by suppliers on the established dates;
  • supervising the entire activity, making and reporting the execution schedules of the works and estimating the delivery time in real time;
  • implementation and permanent monitoring of the compliance with occupational safety and health measures;
  • environmental protection, including the implementation of the waste recycling program;
  • financial management for a good management of all financial resources related to the project, including guarantees of good execution and various risk insurances;
  • following the evolution of the works during the warranty period granted;
  • performing maintenance services (if they were included in the contract).

Our role as General Contractor is also to find appropriate solutions to ad-hoc issues and to come up with an integrated approach during the projects’ achievement, in order to continue work on sites under the best possible circumstances.