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Reporting improper behaviors or actions that violate the law and/or the Code of Ethics of the company INSPET S.A.
Current employees, job applicants, former employees, and journalists can report irregularities and cases that may bring to the
company’s attention potential situations constituting crimes or endangering people’s safety.

The submission of personal information in the form below (name, surname, phone, email) is optional.
Therefore, you can send an anonymous message (without providing personal details).
All personal data regarding whistleblowers and accused individuals will be processed in accordance with the GDPR provisions.

The principles of Corporate Governance of INSPET represent the correlation between: the internally established rules; the Best Practices of the working process, the regulatory framework policies with impact on the entire activity of the company, on the management and the administration in a way that harmonizes the vision of all stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics, the Guide of the Competition Rules, the Integrated Management System are part of the corporate values and are professionally implemented in the current activity.

For a comprehensive and factual overview, it’s vital that INSPET S.A.’s activities and procedures maintain transparency and efficiency in real-time.

Thus, people associated with INSPET (current employees, workers, job seekers, former employees, and journalists) can alert the company to possible crimes or situations that could jeopardize public safety through the channels the company provides (website form, telephone), such as: tax fraud; money laundering or crimes connected to public procurement; product and road safety; environmental protection; public health; and consumer and data protection.


The Code of Ethics is the document that establishes the principles of professional ethics, values, and the mission embedded in the organizational culture of the company, guiding the operations of INSPET S.A. This document is intended for internal use within the company at all hierarchical levels, for both new and existing employees. Simultaneously, the Code of Ethics is made available for external use by collaborators and partners seeking a comprehensive understanding of our working style.

The Ethical and Conduct Rules outlined in this document are an integral part of our culture, and we rely on each of us, employees, collaborators, and partners, to fully adhere to them.

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Administrative Details



15 Democraţiei Street
105558, Ploiești

Prahova District, România
Monday – Friday: 8.00 a.m – 4.30 p.m.



Reporting channels

according to Law 361/2022

Phone: +4-0244-406500


Legal Framework – Law 361/2022
Rules through which employees, suppliers, and customers can report inappropriate behaviors of the company that violate the law and/or the Code of Ethics.


GDPR Regulation
Personal data concerning whistleblowers and accused individuals are processed in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.