Industrial Production

Whether we work on projects of strategic importance, on recurring works (preventive maintenance services) or emergency interventions (part of the corrective maintenance services), our company’s resources are carefully aligned with the objectives of all our partners and beneficiaries.

On the West Industrial Platform, located in Ploiești (our own work platform) we have continuous activity, supported by multidisciplinary teams that manufacture for our clients:

  • Metal structures and various industrial sub-assemblies       
  • Hot bending & heat treatment of pipelines and metal profiles

We manufacture metal structures of any complexity and any type of element for metal constructions, in accordance with the projects and sketches of the beneficiaries.

During the pre-production processes, the teams process the materials and finish them according to the plans, applying the heat treatment for the pipes and metal profiles that are then placed in the field, at the highest quality standards.

The motto of our team in terms of Industrial Production is:

“We can make anything out of metal.”

The Oil and Natural Gas Energy Infrastructure Projects, the Civil and Industrial Constructions, the maintenance of the installations as well as the execution of the complex installations require integrated activities that involve the mobilization on a short time base of considerable resources of materials, machinery, equipment and human resources. We gain the competitive advantage of owning an industrial platform, where we can produce and process any type of metal components and structures that we need on open sites anywhere in the country. The Construction Site Managers and the Project Managers constantly communicate with the team coordinators on the West Industrial Platform and guarantee that all equipment is manufactured according to the initially agreed plans and at high quality standards.

INSPET SA operates a Specialized Section for Bending Pipes and Profiles, with the following characteristics:

  • Hot pipe bending – by means of two modern pipe bending installations through magnetic induction, with a hot bending diameter range of 50-813mm and a dedicated heat treatment furnace
  • Cold pipe bending – by the method of passing through rolled devices, with a cold bending diameter range of 25-150mm
INSPET S.A. | Platforma Industrială Vest | Ploiești

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