The principles of Corporate Governance of INSPET S.A. represent the correlation between:

  • the internally established rules
  • the Best Practices of the working process
  • the regulatory framework policies with impact on the entire activity of the company, on the management and the administration in a way that harmonizes the vision of all stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics, the Guide of the Competition Rules, the Integrated Management System (Quality – Environment – Health – Work safety) are part of the corporate values and are professionally implemented in the current activity.

The most important roles of implementing the regulatory policies mentioned by the practices of the  proper company’s Corporate Governance are to protect the interests of the shareholders, and in fact, to harmonize all the stakeholders – shareholders, administrators, managers, employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, authorities etc.. This way induces transparency and efficiency in all the activities and work processes.

Transparency and Efficiency of the activities and processes within INSPET S.A. are the key points. It is important to have a real-time image, objective and high quality information in order to be able to define the long-term vision, to make investment decisions that support the sustainable development of the company.

Nowadays, the Corporate Governance is a necessity, and the implementation of all these principles creates a close link between Shareholders and the Company, providing a model of stability, productivity and profitability.

Cod etica INSPET SA |
Cod etica INSPET SA |


The Code of Ethics is the document that stipulates the principles of professional ethics, the values and the mission that are found in the organizational culture of the company and on the basis of which INSPET S.A. operates. This document is for the internal use of the company, at all hierarchical levels, for new employees but also for those already active in the company. At the same time, the Code of Ethics is available for the external use of the company, for collaborators and partners who wish to have a comprehensive image of our work style.

The Rules of Ethics and Conduct mentioned in this document are an integral part of our culture and we rely on each of us, employees, collaborators, partners to fully respect them.

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Cod etica INSPET SA |
Cod etica INSPET SA |


Increasing the awareness of the benefits of compliance with, the risks of violating the competition law and the implementation of the program of compliance with the competition rules are the main purposes of this guide.

The competition between companies (State, private or mixed owned) plays a very important role in the dynamics of the economy and the market, overall, having direct benefits on consumers. Therefore, the law prohibits market behaviors of the companies that prevent, restrict or distort the fair competition. In the Guide prepared by INSPET S.A., we find all the objectives of the competition policy and their applicability, mentioned in the Guide on the Compliance with the Competition Rules, drafted by the Competition Council.

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INSPET S:A. | Sistem Management Integrat


INSPET S.A. operates on the basis of an Integrated Management System which has been audited by reputable international bodies and has been certified in accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Safety & Health Management System
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

All certifications and authorizations are an important part of the company’s concern for the continuous improvement of its own working standards, performances, but also of carrying out the activity in full compliance with the current legislation and regulations in the field of activity.

The main objective of the “Quality – Environment – Health – Work safety” Integrated Management System’s implementation is to position and maintain the well-established reputation of INSPET S.A. on the generic / specialized market based on its cutting edge integrated projects of national strategic importance.

Management System’s integration has upsides on the entire activity, as there is a coherence and cohesion between the activities within the company. This working style is relevant for any company’s activity, but it is even more important for companies which operate mainly in a strictly regulated environment, such as the Oil and Gas Infrastructure Sector. The holistic image of all procedures, information and document transmission flows, control systems etc. denotes INSPET S.A. is a consolidated and financially sound company, ready for future expansion projects.

The Integrated Management System is a necessity for mature companies with a long-term development vision

Sistem Management Integrat | INSPET S.A.

ISO 9001

Quality Management


Sistem Management Integrat | INSPET S.A.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management


Sistem Management Integrat | INSPET S.A.

ISO 45001

Occupational Safety & Health

Management System

Sistem Management Integrat | INSPET S.A.

ISO 27001

Information Security

Management System

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