Congratulations and thanks to all Customers, Employees, Partners and to the Community!

We especially enjoy and appreciate when performance is recognized in the specialty field. The professionalism, experience and responsibility of INSPET S.A. have taken their toll once more.

ROFMA 2023 Award | Romanian Association of Workplace and Facility Management

INSPET was honored with the “ROFMA Award for Workplace, Property, and Facility Management Digital Transformation”, acknowledging our dedication to innovatively and efficiently overseeing and advancing the daily working environment provided to our employees. This award affirms our strategy, which is appropriately adapted to the present but, more importantly, to the future.

ROFMA Awards acknowledge notable achievements, but specifically promote Best Practices that serve as a benchmark for service providers and beneficiaries in the fields of workplace, property, and facility management, regardless of their nature: private companies, real estate developers, corporate organizations, government entities, other entrepreneurs, or educational institutions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a new perspective on health and safety in indoor environments, prompting INSPET SA to define new standards in ensuring working conditions for employees. Thus, the company has added to the safety and health of its employees by using smart devices for air and surface disinfection with UVC light in indoor spaces. In this way, safeguarding the working environment becomes a priority, ensuring a safe and healthy place for employees, customers, and visitors.

Quality Trophy by ARACO | 2023

INSPET has been awarded the prestigious “Quality Trophy by ARACO” for its outstanding construction activity within the BRUA project (“The Development of the Romanian Gas Transmission System along Bulgaria–Romania–Hungary–Austria Route”, 2018-2020) – the largest investment project to date of the Romanian Natural Gas Industry, with the primary aim of expanding the infrastructure for transporting natural gas in Romania and Europe. (Beneficiary: TRANSGAZ SA).

The Quality Trophy was granted to us for the execution of the 3 Natural Gas Compression Stations (PODIȘOR – Giurgiu county, BIBEȘTI – Gorj county and JUPA –  Caraș-Severin county) that are essential components of this project.

INSPET led the Consortium Association of seven companies, and the partnership was successful both for the implementation of the PODIȘOR station (where our company also served as a specialized constructor) and for the BIBEȘTI and JUPA stations.

AGIR Award 2022 | The Romanian General Association of Engineers

INSPET has been honored with the “AGIR Award 2022” for its significant contribution to the BRUA project (“The Development of the Romanian Gas Transmission System along Bulgaria–Romania–Hungary–Austria Route”, 2018-2020)

Our dedication to excellence in the engineering and construction industries, as well as our capacity to significantly contribute to the creation of vital infrastructure for Romania and Europe, are both recognized by this award. We are committed to continuing to deliver cutting-edge solutions and effectively finish challenging projects for the energy sector.

The completion of the three Natural Gas Compression Stations (PODIȘOR, BIBEȘTI și JUPA), which are crucial elements of the BRUA project and mark an important milestone in the development of Romania’s natural gas infrastructure, earned us the AGIR Award.

INSPET SA - Locul 1 în Topul Firmelor Prahovene 2022, realizat de Camera de Comerț și Industrie Prahova | Categoria companiilor mari din domeniul construcțiilor
INSPET | Construcții Infrastructură de fluide - gaze naturale, petrol, apă, hidrogen |
INSPET SA | Topul Firmelor Prahovene 2021
INSPET SA | Locul 1 Clasamentul național pe domenii de activitate după performanța globală la categoria întreprinderi mari

1st Place Top National Construction Companies of Utility Projects for Fluids (for 12 years)

INSPET S:A. | Premii
INSPET S:A. | Premii
INSPET S:A. | Premii
INSPET S:A. | Premii

We are a company displaying a history, working experience and especially owing a sustainable vision, recognized by CCIR and the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Leader in the NatGas Sector. Our supremacy in the National Top is based on indicators such as the turnover, the operating profit, the efficiency of human resources and the capex. We are optimistic about the future and the related projects. The principles that our predecessors had as mission par excellence are the ones that keep us moving, day by day.