INSPET S.A. is a private Romanian company with tradition, having as shareholders the employees, management, former employees and their descendants.


The Board of Directors implements the decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders, provides the main directions of activity and development of the Company, sets the accounting and financial control systems and the approval of the financial planning, appoints the Executive Management and supervises its activity.

Ciprian E. PăltineanuChairman, Executive MemberEconomist, MBA, 26 years professional experience
Paula VoineaVice Chairperson, Non-ExecutiveEngineer, 47 years professional experience
Nicolae PândaruVice Chairman, Executive MemberEngineer, 40 years professional experience
Mircea StroeIndependent Non-Executive MemberLawyer, Esq, 23 years professional experience
Aura MustățeaExecutive MemberEconomist, MFin, 20 years professional experience
Șerban TănăsescuIndependent Non-Executive MemberEconomist, 21 years professional experience
Bogdan PândaruExecutive MemberEngineer, MSc, 9 years professional experience

“The Strategic Thinking, the Team strength and the undertaken Development Goals are the basis for the success that place INSPET as Top-tier company in the Strategic Sector of the Energy Infrastructure Construction Companies. With a longstanding Tradition of Performance, determination and clarity in implementing sustainable growth, we contribute to the achievement of the European Union’s Climate Objectives, we carry on the Vision of our ancestors and we are grateful for their work and effort.”


The Board of Directors delegates the Company’s management to the Executive Management, which implements the Company’s development strategy and policies, as well as other tasks received from the Board of Directors. The Executive Management also legally represents INSPET S.A., hires staff, approves the conclusion of Company’s contracts and commitments and generally deals with the execution of the mandate received from the Board of Directors, in the interest of the Company and of all its Stakeholders.

Ciprian E. Păltineanu | Director General INSPET S.A.

Ciprian E. Păltineanu

Chief Executive Officer

“I myself have taken on the role of catalyst between the external and internal environment of the Company, implementing the development strategy, identifying opportunities for expansion in Strategic Energy Infrastructure projects, and strengthening the Organizational Culture, generating value for the community, customers, employees and shareholders.”

Aura Mustățea | Director Financiar & Administrativ INSPET S.A.

Aura Mustățea

Chief Finance Officer

“The global approach to the analysis and to the audit of all financial-administrative aspects of INSPET’s activities, as well as the investment planning, the profitability assessment (all of which have the common goal of increasing the company’s value) are part of my responsibilities as Chief Financial & Administrative Director.”

Nicolae Pândaru | Director General Adjunct

Nicolae Pândaru

Deputy CEO

“Coordinating operational activity in accordance with the development strategy, mentoring the managers and the work teams, defining the Pillars of the Performance Management are the objectives of success that I assume every day in the Company, based on the skills but also on the experience of a life dedicated to the Oil and Gas Infrastructure.”


“The Excellence in the Oil and Gas Infrastructure means for us (more than 350 INSPET specialists) hundreds of projects carried out for the Oil and Gas Industry in Romania and the neighboring countries, plus many other construction projects and works for relevant beneficiaries. We are proud of all these sustainable projects. We are dedicated and passionate People about the Oil & Gas Industry and we have invested a total of over 60 million work hours to successfully build the Tradition of Performance over 30 years of activity in this field within INSPET.”

engineers, sub-engineers, technicians, foremen
welders, locksmiths, lathe operators, structural metal workers
crane drivers,
other skilled workers
economists, accountants, programmers
60+ mil.
hours of work
in 30 years of

We’re not just building infrastructure every day.

We build Trust!