We are the leading Romanian privately-owned Construction Field Assembly & General Contractor for Oil and Natural Gas Infrastructure

Proiecte infrastructură energetică petrol și gaze | Antrepriză Generală | INSPET SA


As an Energy Infrastructure Integrator (EPCC), recognized as the leader in the Energy Infrastructure Sector, we display our 30+ years’ work experience and we achieve complex projects that contribute strategically to securing EU energy security, outstanding achievements and national/regional premieres that made history in the Romanian Oil and Nat Gas Industry.

Proiecte infrastructură energetică petrol și gaze | Antrepriză Generală | INSPET SA


The experience of building over 4000 km of Romania’s infrastructure of natural gas transportation and distribution, transport of crude oil and petrochemical products, as well as water distribution, recommends us for large-scale, innovative, complex works, being a company with a tradition of proven, well-established performance in this specialized industry.

Proiecte infrastructură energetică petrol și gaze | Antrepriză Generală | INSPET SA


We do have the experience of project management and construction for complex energy infrastructure installations, such as compressor stations, dehydration plants, gas regulation and measurement, surface installations for underground gas storage and rehabilitation of crude oil refineries and other petrochemical products.

eProiecte infrastructură energetică petrol și gaze | Antrepriză Generală | INSPET SA


We provide preventive and corrective maintenance services for all types of energy infrastructure installations (oil and natural gas). The field teams, in addition to their professional skills, reveal organizational abilities and  prompt feedback, adaptability to working conditions and maximum attention to the quality of the accomplished projects.

Proiecte infrastructură energetică petrol și gaze | Antrepriză Generală | INSPET SA


We approach all the projects that we carry on with professionalism and seriousness. Within these projects, we manufacture the elements related to the industrial production in our INSPET factory on the West Ploiești Industrial Platform, and here we refer in particular to metalworks, machining, bending and thermal treatment for pipes and various metal profiles.

Sediul INSPET S.A. | Ploiești | România


Our proven experience and highly professionalism recommend us for the management and the successful achievement of civil engineering / constructions projects, such as office, commercial or residential buildings, industrial halls, but also in the restoration or rehabilitation of historic buildings. Our mission is to deliver excellence at all levels of projects.

INSPET S.A. | Platforma Industrială Vest | Ploiești


We offer for rent (operators included) – machinery and equipment for all types of construction sites: air compressors for high pressure testing; heavy duty transport vehicles; welding equipment including welding tractors; side-booms and other cranes, excavators and backhoe loaders. Quality machinery and equipment for your company’s construction sites!



We contribute to achieving the climate neutrality targets of the European Union, investing in various renewable energy projects, as well as research, development and industrialization in the field of production, storage, transport and use of green hydrogen.

Due to the specifics of the core business, our main clients are the strategic companies operating in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, companies with state shareholding and private management s, multinational majority-owned companies, including companies in the neighboring countries.

For business expansion and astute use of its capacities, INSPET realizes construction and assembly projects for non-energy industry beneficiaries (manufacturing companies, real estate companies, local councils, ministries etc.).

Our Relevant Clients are: