Main trunk pipelines, main pipes and distribution networks

“INSPET S.A., the Romanian company that built pipelines twice the distance between Ploiești and Brussels”

Over our 30 years of activity we have built an important part (over 4000 km) of Romania’s infrastructure for natural gas transmission and distribution, crude oil and petrochemical products transport, as well as water distribution. Based on the experience, we state that the infrastructure sites are complex projects that require strict organization, important logistics and include dozens of activities, in a well-defined sequence.

We have significant experience in carrying out the following types of works, but not limited to these:

  • Main trunk natural gas / crude oil pipelines
  • Main natural gas / crude oil pipelines
  • Natural Gas HD PE distribution networks
  • Water cast-iron & HD PE distribution networks

We are a recognized leader of our domain in the Romanian market by both the CCIR and the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry for having held the forefront dominant position for 13 years now. Also, we have established and upheld the supremacy in the National Top of companies which activate in the field of construction of utility projects for fluids.

The own fleet of machinery / equipment (side-booms, excavators, bulldozers, cranes, horizontal drills, trucks, dump trucks, field welding tents etc.) and the multidisciplinary teams (teams of licensed welders, locksmiths, turners, crane operators, machinists, technicians, foremen etc.) are the competitive advantages – starting points for ample projects, of National and European Strategic Importance.

Our company was the initiator and promoter of innovation in its field of activity, using a series of technical, modern and efficient procedures for carrying out energy infrastructure works, such as:

  • Installation of the first natural gas distribution networks using polyethylene pipes
  • Use of the underground pipe installation system without open ditches, by the method of directed horizontal drilling

The welding activity represents an important part in the management of this type of projects and our specialists have performed over 10 million inches of high-quality welds-tested during the activity of INSPET S.A.

With a performance-oriented organizational culture and high standards of excellence, we have participated as a General Contractor and / or Main Constructor in various works of national and European strategic importance, such as:

Execution of Lot 1 (km 0 – 180km) as well as of several sections of Lot 2 (31km of pipelines) DN800 PN63 bar within the project “The Development of the Romanian Gas Transmission System along Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Austria Route” (BRUA, 2018 – 2020). This was the largest investment project to date of the Romanian Natural Gas Industry, which allowed to increase Romania’s NatGas export capacity to Hungary by up to 1.75 billion cubic meters per year and to Bulgaria by up to 1.50 billion cubic meters per year, as well as complying with the commitments assumed by our country regarding the application of the European regulatory framework for the reservation of natural gas transmission capacity.

Between 2002-2016 we have built, rehabilitated and modernized a series of natural gas networks, sections of main pipelines from various areas / cities of Romania. Another reference project was carried out between 2013-2014 and consisted in the under-crossing of the Prut River as well as the execution of the Interconnection of Romanian and Moldavian Natural Gas Transmission Systems’ sections (gas pipeline with a diameter of 500mm from Iași to Ungheni).

Other relevant works: construction of the Romanian section of the Romania – Hungary Natural Gas Interconnector Systems – Dn700 Pipeline from Arad to Nădlac and Szeged (2003-2004); construction of several crude oil, natural gas and water transport pipelines for OMV Petrom from extraction wells to treatment plants (1997-2003); execution of the Isaccea-Negru Vodă Natural Gas Dn1200 Transit Pipeline from Rusia via Ukraine to Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece, the pipeline that crosses the entire Dobrogea region from north to south (1999-2002).